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Luiss 2015 – Taking decision, from backgammon to poker


Luiss University – Rome
OCTOBER 22, 2015


Dario De Toffoli contributed to a lesson of the class “Gambling: probability and decision” by Prof. Scarsini

He illustrated how boring – and socially harmful – gambling can be (games in which no decision can be taken) and how much more interesting those games are in which – besides the aleatory environment – luck has to be managed by taking many active decisions.

He showed step by step the mathematical principles that rules on backgammon, and he explained how close those prinicples are to the ones that rule on poker.

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Dario e Paco.jpg

Dario De Toffoli e Paco Garcia de la Banda alle Mind Sports Olympiad 2012
durante il Torneo di Texas Hold’em Heads Up