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Carrara Show 2015: Games and Gambling



Saturday, May 30, at 04.30 p.m. Uisp, ‪GioNa‬ and studiogiochi presented the meeting “Game and gambling. A talk about the problems of gambling“. Dario De Toffoli introduced and coordinated the meeting.
– Filippo Fossati, Deputy
– Fabrizio De Meo, Head of the National Policies for Uisp Socialist
– Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine and President of GioNa
– Raffaella Basana, Councillor for Game Udine
– Daniele Montebello, Mayor of Castelnuovo Magra
– Erasmo Lesignoli and Ivan Lisanti (Uisp National Games Area)
– Paul Bands, experiences from Genova about gambling
– Maria Paola Freschi, OGAP
– Slot Mob
– With a Game, Giorgia Pandolfo and Flaminia Brasini
During the meeting there has been a presentation of the new National Law Project for Games, with Filippo Fossati. This is designed to prevent and combat gambling disorder by promoting the rich cultural and social values ​​of the game, the one with a capital G. Who plays in a healthy way develops antibodies against the degeneration! There was a first printed version available for all the associations that deal with Games and are aganist the degeneration of gambling. They also have been called to give feedback and contributions.


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