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E tu, che pollo sei?


Conversations and songs with Renato de Rosa, author of the book La variante del pollo (“The chicken variation”). On the guitar, Andrea Cattelan.

32 stylistic exercises with different ways and manners for a chicken to cross a road, that is how to explain with humor the many ways to understand life. This really has been a meeting one could not miss. It has been a lot of fun, a real show with words, music by a great artist, writer andn actor: Renato De Rosa. Renato is a teacher for techniques in fighting mental habits and barriers.
The guitarist Andrea Cattelan accompanied the event with fun songs about chicken!

Dario De Toffoli presented the meeting with humor and irony.

The meeting

Andrea Cattelan, Renato De Rosa, Dario De Toffoli

In 2012 Renato decided to face a difficult question: ”why did the chicken cross the road?”,  and he did it with a book.  In his book (“La variante del pollo) he recalled the writing styles of many Italian writers, such as Alberoni, Baricco, Benni, Biagi, Calvino, Camilleri, Eco, Faletti, Odifreddi, Melissa P, Rodari, Sciascia…  and many others.

32 short stories, and in all of them a chicken crossing a road, but always in different ways and styles. At the end of the book, the chicken itself says its conclusions!

A book about stylistic exercises for Italian and its most important writers, but also something to remind us about how life is easier with a bit of humor in it. There are no dogmas not even for two tiny yellow legs that cross a road.

So we would like to ask Renato: “Are we actually these chicken crossing the roads?!”

Chicken crossing a road