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Modena ’11 – Play


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Studiogiochi participaded to the event PLAY (Modena, March 26-27 2011) with a conference by Dario De Toffoli about games.
The same text has been published on n.26 2011 of the ludic culture magazine Tangram.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 ModenaFiere –  Workshop

After the great success of the previous year’s conference concerning
the role of games in culture, this we will present two workshops that will discuss the role of culture in games!
Through the explanations of several game authors, publishers and university researchers, people will learn how to analyze the meanings of a boardgame.
What does it mean for an Imperial player to impersonate the spirit of capitalism? What is the difference with One More Barrel? Games like Blokus and Fits are symbols for the contemporary burocracy?
, March 27, 2011
11: 00 a.m. First workshop
Interventions by two games authors and an
editorial consultant:
Andrea Angiolino (Wings of War)
Emiliano Sciarra (Bang!)
Spartaco Albertarelli (editorial consultant)
Coordina Ivan Mosca (Turin University)
15:00 p.m.  Second workshop
Interventions by University professor and an editorial consultant:
Luca Giuliano (Sapienza University of Roma)
Patrick Coppock (Modena and Reggio Emilia
Dario De Toffoli (Studiogiochi)
Coordina Ivan Mosca (Turino
Workshop organization: Jessica Cusano and Ivan Mosca

Play 2011.jpg
Modena, Play 2011 – “Interpretare il significato di un gioco”
Ivan Mosca, Spartaco Albertelli, Luca Giuliano, Andrea Angiolino, Emiliano Sciarra, Dario De Toffoli