Bergamo, 2-10 May 1987. 1st Exhibition of table games and simulation

At the Bergamo fair, LUDUS takes place – 1st Exhibition of table games and simulation. A pioneering event in its own way, one of the first in Italy in this field, ever.
Studiogiochi took care of the rich program of side events, such as the conference “GAME, CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL, FUN.”

Coordinator: Dario De Toffoli
Speakers: Giampaolo Dossena, Paolo Ongaro (1986 Campiello Prize for his novel “La partita”), Marco Donadoni, Sergio Valzania, Alex Randolph.
We managed to recover some videos of these interventions. Unfortunately the Alberto Ongaro speech, to which all the other speakers make reference, is missing.

Have a look at YouTube for all videos of our playlist “Ludus 1987”:

– Intervention of Marco Donadoni (spezzone)
– Intervention of Sergio Valzania
– Intervention of Giampaolo Dossena
– Intervention of Alex Randolph
– Francesco Valente interviews Alberto Ongaro
– Francesco Valente interviews Giampaolo Dossena and Alex Randolph
– Bergamo TV interviews Dario De Toffoli

• Exhibition CHESS HISTORY THROUGH ITS PIECES (40 games from the Izzo-Scoleri collection). Catalog by Sebastiano Izzo.
• Exhibition TOPOLOGICAL BRAINTEASERS AND NOT (from the Uri and Peres collections)
• “Catching the winner,” conceived and orchestrated by Francesco Valente.
• Encounter with Piero Zama: “History of Italian and international Mah-jong”.
• Meeting with Ennio Peres: “Mathematical and Mathemagical games”.
• Meeting with Arnaldo Cecchini: “Games of Urban and Territorial Simulation”. Presentation of VAGUE (Venice an Ancient Game of Urban Evolution) a game that simulates the possible future scenarios of Venice.
• Meeting with Ersilia Zamponi, author of the best seller: “I draghi locopei”.
• Meeting with Roberto Morassi: “ORIGAMI, the art of folding paper”.
• Chess simultaneous (25 boards) with the great chess International Master Sergio Mariotti
• Draughts simultaneous (25 boards) with Alessandro Milani.
• Meeting with Walter Obert: “Role-play, let’s play with fantasy”.
• Meeting with Michele Montagni and Giorgio Salvadego: “Table Sport games simulation”.

For this event, the TV channel “Bergamo TV” realized a talkshow conducted by Francesco Valente. Among the videos, a part of the program