ControMossa party



Rome, 27 October 1984: ControMossa, the pioneering gaming magazine, is celebrated. Dario De Toffoli was there!

ControMossa played a decisive role in the development of the ludic movement in Italy!
It was the 1980s and there I published my first journalistic column, which was called Mathematically Logical.
But above all thanks to ControMossa I met Piero Zama, Sebastiano Izzo, Ennio Peres and many other friends with many of whom I still play today.
In this bizarre video we celebrated the magazine’s birthday in Rome in 1984: do you recognize any of the participants?
From 6:10 you can also enjoy the singing-theatrical performance of Piero Zama, who was already attracted to the stage! “

Dario De Toffoli