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Indiana Jones

Players: 2-5

Duration: 40

Age: 8+

First edition:



    • Premio Archimede 2004

      2° Classificato

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    It’s the same mechanism of  K önig Salomons Schatzkammer  but with the most famous Archelogist from the movie, searcing for incredible richness and magical objects.
    The possibility to hollow on a game board developed on 4 different levels is very interesting.

    From the diary of Indiana Jones, archaeologist.
    The 14th of February 1938, unexplored side of southern Sudan.
    “Today professor Winslet decided to open the cave on the side of the sacred mountain. In a few minutes we will know whether all these efforts and risks had been useless or not: will it be a not important hollow or the mythical King Solomon’s mines? The last stone rolls out, Winslet and I light the torches and get in.
    On the walls zillions of crystal stars bright: “Diamonds!” murmurs Winslet.
    We go further and from the darkness heaps and heaps of wonderful and mysterious objects emerge, fascinating and worrying: golden artifacts, fetishes, parcels. But suddenly a cry breaks the stationary air “Akmeth stahlan!” shouts a bearer pointing a mummy; other bearers run away terrified. “Ancient demons here, men fear” whispers Ahmed, the chief of the Arab merchants. To bring out all these enormous treasures will maybe be more difficult than the trip that lead us here…”
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    The game
    List of editions
    • 2005, Indiana Jones
      (Tedesco) (first edition)