pp. 64 Published together with Stampa Alternativa


Italians call it simply “dama” (draughts), but what they actually play is a local variation of the original game called “dama italiana” (italian draughts).
What the authors explain in this book is that there are many variations of draughts in use, and among them the italian variation is one of the less interesting: boring, static, nitpicking
; it still is important to consider and preserve it, but one can’t assume that the world of draughts finishes there.
So the authors, besides this important observation about the italian version of draughts, start from there to explain all the other variations, also because the book is presented for italian readers.
To complete the book: a collection of simple problems with comments.

List of editions
  • 2000, Dama
    (Italiano) (first edition)