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Contro Mossa

Contro Mossa was the magazine of the “Arci Dama/Scacchi” [a club for Chess and Draughts], but  at the end of year 1982 it begun to have articles about other games besides Chess and Draughts, such as Master Mind and Othello. Since 1983 (until 1986) it became a real magazine for games, broadening its many issues: from Wargames to cardgames, from wordgames to classic and modern abstract games,  from origami to logic and math games, always remembering its Chess and Draughts origins. Together with the magazine “Pergioco” it is considered both author and witness of the so called “eroic” games period of Italy. The soul of this transformation has been Sebastiano Izzo, one of the main characters that contributed to the circulation of ludic culture in Italy.  Together with him, in the editorial office were Piero Zama and Ennio Peres.


On Contro Mossa, besides contributing to the editorial office, Dario De Toffoli realized a series of columns about mathematical games called “Matematicamente Logico” [Mathematically logical].