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Apparently a serious person, he is enough extravagant to be able to interact with studiogiochi since almost twenty years.
Not only a games author, but also a “free thinker”.  With his “Free mind”  project he offers courses to “open the mind and fight the mental barriers through games, amusement and smiles”.
He does not hesitate to put himself to the test, for example he realized more than 400 “Renaticons”: pictures of his face in many different expressions… oh well!
The picture shown here corresponds to the “constipated” expression. That’s the way the world goes!

La variante del Pollo.jpg Renato De Rosa.jpg
I am very proud to have strange people among my friends, which is actually not a too difficult thing, since I deal with games. The more strange, the better.
But there is one of them that has deservedly reached the topof my personallist. It is Renato de Rosa, who since several years is working on the issue of chickens crossing the road.
Not “Life, the Universe and Everything.” Not “Who are we? Where are we? Where are we going? Why do we live?” For him, the fundamental question is “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
So he ended up publishing with Mursia “La variante del pollo” (The variant of the chicken).
Basically, he gets into the shoes of 32 famous writers and for each of them he offers his answer, trying to use their own style of that author. In short, 32 apocryphal writings.
And the great thing is that he made it perfectly.
I confess that I started flipping through his little book from pure spirit of friendship, but then I was completely enthralled. Sometimes it’s really hilarious. Some pieces are exactly as you might imagine them written by those authors. I am sure that many of them recognize these works as their own.
Bartezzaghi (irresistible), Bergonzoni, Calvino, Camilleri, Eco, Odifreddi: one better than the other. Last but not least, each author is presented with four (I say 4) witty and sometimes fierce dashes. I mention here you only those of Faletti: “Faletti started as a TV comedy actor, making generations of Italians laugh, then he continued as a singer and writer of detective novels, with the same result.”Absolutely recommended.

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