September, 29th 2018: the Premio Archimede 2018 goes to JAP by Gian Andrea Cappuzzo!

September 2018: On saturday September 1st during the Event "IdeaG Nord-est", in Udine, Leo Colovini comunicated the "long-list" with the 81 games that will access the final of Premio Archimede 2018.

August 2018: it is official, 158 games are participating in Premio Archimede this year. Games came from all across the world, a great work for the pre-selection jury lead by Leo Colovini. The so called "great list" has been comunicated on September 1st during the event "IdeaG Nord-est", in UdineArchimede final ceremony will take place in Venice at the San Leonardo Hallon September 29thThe schedule of the day will be comunicated soon.

The new book about Poker by Dario De Toffoli (Sperling & Kupfer ed.)

May 2018: The 2nd Italian Challenge of Mental Calculation, organized by Studiogiochi together with Kangourou Italiatook place in Cervia.

April 2018: as in the past years studiogiochi will take part in Play, the Game Festival in Modena (6-8 april), where Dario De Toffoli will also introduce the newborn Italian Game Archives (Archivio Italiano dei Giochi).

March, 27 2018, Conference in Venice

Dario De Toffoli talked about gambling disorder and its solutions.

March 2018:The Big Book of Poker, the new book by Dario De Toffoli, is the best way to fall in love with this game and move from being a regular loser to a confident winner. Whether poker novice or poker pro, this is the book for all your poker needs!

January 2018: is now available on Italian newsstands Enigmistica OGGI mese, the monthly magazine carried out by studiogiochi. In this issue more than 200 games among crosswords, logic games and many others!

December 2017: Build your Ancient Greek city-state with Polis, the new game by Leo Colovini! Only Dutch (999 games) and Danish (Four Esses) editions are availbale for the moment.

December 2017: Free your creativity with the new edition of Plagio, a game by Antonio Lupica published by Giochi Uniti. Contend with funny literary challenges pretending you are great authors!

Leo by Leo Colovini has been awarded the Spanish prize Juego del Año Infantil Malacitano 2017.

November 2017: studiogiochi will be in Cremona for the traditional Festa del Torrone (18-26 november). Dario Zaccariotto will entertain people with crossword puzzles through the streets of Cremona.

UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) on videogames at the Olympc Games: Dario De Toffoli's opinin.

October 2017: Promoted by Comune di Udine and  funded by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Italian Game Archive is born in Udine! Managed by studiogiochi, with Dario De Toffoli as head coordinator.

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