January 2018: is now available on Italian newsstands Enigmistica OGGI mese, the monthly magazine carried out by studiogiochi. In this issue more than 200 games among crosswords, logic games and many others!

December 2017: Build your Ancient Greek city-state with Polis, the new game by Leo Colovini! Only Dutch (999 games) and Danish (Four Esses) editions are availbale for the moment.

December 2017: Free your creativity with the new edition of Plagio, a game by Antonio Lupica published by Giochi Uniti. Contend with funny literary challenges pretending you are great authors!

November 2017: studiogiochi will be in Cremona for the traditional Festa del Torrone (18-26 november). Dario Zaccariotto will entertain people with crossword puzzles through the streets of Cremona.

UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) on videogames at the Olympc Games: Dario De Toffoli's opinin.

October 2017: Promoted by Comune di Udine and  funded by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Italian Game Archive is born in Udine! Managed by studiogiochi, with Dario De Toffoli as head coordinator.

October 2017: Match crazy pairs with Facecards, the new game by Leo Colovini (first multilingual edition  by Ravensburger).

October 2017: a new card game realized for the book series for children "Battello a Vapore" (Piemme edizioni). Investigate with your friends the mysteorius cases as your favourite characters do!

A serie of books to train your mind and discover the beauty and charm of math, curated by Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto e Mauro Gaffo.

The fundamental books to find that mathematics is not just formulas and equations.


June 2017: BoardGameGeekTV at Origins game fair. Rio Grande games, the distributor of the new English Edition explains in a 5 minutes video of BoardGameGeekTV, the most interesting and original new feautures of the new edition.

June 2017: So much of studiogiochi in this Austrian game award!
Der Misteriose Wald by Carlo A. Rossi (edit by Iello) has been awarded the Spiele Hit für Kinder and Crazy Race by Alex Zucchini (Ravensburger) wins the Spiele Hit für Familien

June 2017: It's finally official! The first delivery of the new Hasbro Gaming Crate, will include a Venetian roaring lion. "Leo goes to the barber" will cross the Ocean landing on American families shelves!

June 2017: The new book of "Reazione a catena" came out, a volume of more then 200 pages (edit by Rai Eri) with several word games and puzzles from the famous RAI Tv program.

Editorial adjustment, texts and games are realized by studiogiochi.

June 2017: Now in the store "Gho...Gho...Ghosty", the new game designed by the great team Leo Colovini, Francesco Sciacqua and Teodoro Mitidieri (Francesco e Teodoro won Premio Archimede 2006 and the 4th position on 2010).

June 2017: The first number of Reazione a catena came out, the weekly magazine of RAI 1. Go to the newsstands. Games and texts realized by studiogiochi! Enjoy your summer! All the games of TV program... and much more entertainment!

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