The best move

Black plays 1-1backgammon1probl.jpg

Cube action


Black on roll:
a) Should he redouble?
b) Should White take or pass if redoubled?


The best move
24/22, 6/5 (2)
Making point 22, means not to make point 5, which builds a 5-point prime. The best is to go to 22 with only one piece, ready to escape with any 6 (in case White does not close point 16) and in the meantime priming 4 to 8.

Cube action
Double, pass.
There is no more contact: now it is basically just a run. The pip count 100 (Black) to 115 (White); the difference is 15 (that means 13,6 %), so Black has to redouble and White is behind the taking limit and should pass.