Players: 2-4

Duration: 30 min

Age: 7+

First edition:



Sherlock is an exciting and imaginative game, in which two to four competing detectives try to unmask an imposter.
This imposter will be lurking at some busy, real-world location (an airport, a restaurant, a police station, a movie set) where he/she does not belong. Detectives have to unmask the imposter on the basis of clues, interviews and their powers of deduction. The players receive a clue since the beginning and during the game, acquitting suspects, they will be able to see further clues. Clues are objects who could be in contrast with the interviews, that is sentences who could be read on the suspect cards using special lenses. If one or more clues you know are contrasting with the interviews of a suspect cards, you could acquit this suspect. When you have acquitted a set of four suspect you may meet the host and receive a new clue. When you know or you have deducted four clues you are able to identificate the imposter.

List of editions
  • 2010, Sherlock
    (Olandese) (first edition)