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Sblocca la porta Deluxe


Sblocca la porta Deluxe

Players: 1-6

Duration: 30-60 min

Age: 10+

First edition:



The perfect game for detectives of all ages and fans of mysteries and puzzles!
Players will embark on 4 adventures and, as if they were inside an escape room, they will have to try to solve the puzzles in order to get out of the rooms.
Each adventure is associated with a deck of cards with riddles, a board with the environment and mysterious objects that will help players move forward in the game.
Live incredible adventures in the Haunted House, travel on the Orient Express, solve the mysteries of Mister Gold’s villa and of the Treasure Island!
A game made to have fun with family and friends.

Game components

List of editions
  • 2020, Sblocca la porta Deluxe
    (Italiano) (first edition)