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pp. 64 Published together with Stampa Alternativa

It’s a collection of problems published throughout the years on the newspaper La Stampa.
About fifty schemes in which one can play at Paroliere®, the simple and intriguing game in which one has to look for hidden words.
The schemes are divided by typology: the first ones are “classic”  problems in which  the player simply has to find as many words (of at least 5 letters) as possible; then there are the “special” problems, in which the solution needs to have certain features like numbers, a specific subject, the use of a joker, and much more!
Right next to a game there is a small report that should help the reader to keep track of his results: if he reaches or goes over the limit he is a real master!
List of editions
  • 1999, Paroliere
    (Italiano) (prima edizione)