Numeri isn’t just about the recreational mathematics.
It is something between a popular text and a book about mathematical games; the world of numbers seen through the playful eyes of the authors.
It starts from “digressions”, observations, curiosities and interpretations of the world of numbers. Then it goes on, passing with lightness from a numerical set to the mysteries of the infinite, from the Tv series Lost to the “crucial test” that everybody knows without really understanding how it functions.
The book continues with a section dedicated to the mental calculation, something that is almost unknown in Italy, a way with which the readers discover the pleasures of calculations, techniques and shortcuts to easily solve apparently impossible operations.
And finally many puzzles with different levels of difficulty, all about numbers: from  Kakuro to “Contiamo”, from “Crucifreccia” to Sukuro.
It contains an unedited board game.

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