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Lucca Città


Lucca Città

Players: 3-5

Duration: 20

Age: 10

First edition:


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Italy, 1628: the wealthy families of Lucca compete in creating the most refined palaces and reinforcing the city walls. This is a card game for master builders!
During his turn, the player chooses a triplet of cards from the table, and uses them to build his buildings; resources and time are very limited and you need careful planning and master play in order not to have, at the end of the game, too many unfinished palaces!.

Cover 2014.jpg
The box (Edition 2014)

The game in its first version
List of editions
  • 2005, Lucca città
    (Italiano, Inglese) (first edition)
  • 2005, Lucca città
    (Inglese, Italiano)
  • 2014, Lucca - the city of games
    (Italiano, Inglese)