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Islas Canarias


Islas Canarias

Players: 2-5

Duration: 45-60

Age: 10+

First edition:



    • Kinderspielexperten 2009

      Nomination nella Testsaison

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    Many new settlers were drawn to the Canary islands by their landscape, richness of raw materials and fruitful soils. Whenever settlers come to the Canary island area they decide on which island to settle down.
    The settlers have different preferences and the islands have different things to offer, be it fruitful fields, lively rivers or even  already established
    The players choose one island and try to attract as many settlers as possible and observe the other players´islands while they do the same. Every once in a while a new ship arrives with settlers and it is important to have one´s island prepared to make them chose the right island and therefore avoid the pirates!
    Players collect as many victory points as possible for the houses, palaces and villages of their island.

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    List of editions
    • 2008, Islas Canarias
      (Tedesco) (first edition)