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Il grande libro del Backgammon


Il grande libro del Backgammon


pp. VI+522 Con contributi di Carlo Melzi e Chiva Tafazzoli.


Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world and at the same time the most topical today. In 5000 years of evolution, it has become the game with the best balance between luck and ability. The programs that analyze the games, the success of the international circuits, the presence on TV and Internet… all this encouraged its evolution. This book comes out as a natural consequence of this situation and analyzes the game in all its aspects.
History. The book contains a complete and detailed section about the history of the game, its many variations and the point of view of many literates and artists.
Rules. The rules are thought to help out also beginners: well explained and with a lot of examples. For the first time also the tournament rules and procedures are shown.
Technique. Even backgammon experts or players that wish to learn more than the basic rules will be satisfied. In the technique section – which has been realized together with Carlo Melzi, italian champion in 2007 – the reader will learn how to give a good impression also at an international competition. General concepts, probabilities,  redoubling, kinds of games, improvements, tests to measure your skills.
Topicality. The people that represent Backgammon today, described with the help of Chiva Tafazzoli, President of the World Backgammon Association.

Reviews: Centro Studi Scacchistici Turing Duchamp (NIcola Vozza)

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