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Casin degli spiriti

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Casin degli Spiriti is a thriller in which literary creativity merges with historical and environmental events, described in all their details.
The main plot takes place in Venice, during the fall in 1966, the great flood year, and the city stands out like a protagonist.
A professional chess player and his young assistant meet at the Ca’ Foscari University, they hang out together and fall in love with each other. During a journey across the Venetian canals of the lagoon, the girl recognizes in the Casin degli spiriti the place that marked her childhood and where her father misteriously disappeared before Second World War. The past returns with the same violence of the weather.
In a Venice that goes through a hard time due to the high tide, a very dangerous investigation begins, on the trail of an important businessman who could be a bloodthirsty Nazi criminal still engaged in the reconstruction of the Reich. The plot unfolds alternating with many flashbacks, which reveal the facts that occurred in 1912 and 1939. A young love and a bulky old secret.
The mythical “Acqua Granda” and the magic of Venice. The story of a young painter destined to go down in history as the absolute evil and businesses of a ruthless and faithful murderer.
All this, with the help of a strong and flowing writing, gives us a beautiful story with an ancient charm and at the same time the amazing flavor of the present.

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