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A scuola di Poker


A scuola di Poker


    After the great success of the books “Il grande libro del Poker” by Dario de Toffoli and “Giocare e vincere a poker online” by Max Pescatori and Dario De Toffoli, Sperling & Kupfer and Gioco Digitale present this DVD+book: a fast and fun to watch/read guide to enter into the world of Poker.

    Translation from the publisher’s introduction

    “We didn’t know it then, but in Fall 2007, when we published the first edition of “Il grande libro del poker” (written by the great game expert Dario De Toffoli), we were experiencing a very important change (concerning Poker, of course).
    That old black and white image of a group of friends playing a classic italian style Poker game, became suddenly something very different: a fun, glamour, popular game for everybody. Something new.
    A real “brain sport”, a perfect mixture between luck and skills – it arrived in Italy and had a great success on TV and was getting ready for a more important change: the legalization of the digital national Poker Rooms.
    The book had a great success, becoming a longseller, the most sold book about Poker in our country.
    And so it came naturally, our next step was the meeting between Sperling & Kupfer and Gioco Digitale, the new born Poker Room (today known as GD Poker) that imediately became leader of the digital Poker Market.
    We realized together the book “Giocare e vincere a poker online”, by the Poker Italian Champion Max Pescatori and Dario De Toffoli. It was made for the ones that felt “hunger” for Poker, including who was playing online, who enjoyed playing with friends (but with the new “Texas Hold’em” style), and who was hearing for the first time words as full, all in, big blind.
    Today we present the book “A scuola di poker: la prima videoscuola per imparare i segreti del poker”. We would like to give to anyone a tool to enter in the world of Poker in a easy and fun way. This product is also for people that aren’t patient enough to  finish a book. Yes, because we are talking about a game: what child would want to read the entire instructions book before starting to play a new game?
    The DVD contains “Scuola di Poker”, Poker Lessons by GD Poker, the best multimedia product realized for this purpose: simple, easy to understand, attractive, modern. Seventy minutes to learn from TV everything that you need to sit at a Poker table (virtual or real) beeing a good player from the beginning.
    The DVD contains also more than an hour special features:  important games played by great players and commented and analyzed by Max Pescatori and Giorgio Sigon.
    And then the book that you are reading: a useful vademecum to always have with you, based on “Giocare e vincere a poker online”. Rules, basic techniques, the Max Pescatori chart, a way to imediately play well at Poker and even give a hard time to more experienced players. The book contains also 20 pages of Poker Quiz, questions and riddles taken from real games.
    And if you would like to challenge other playersof any kind, just go to www.gdpoker.it.”


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