Bye bye Logika

We imagined, designed and built it and the publisher Sprea published it for 118 issues.
Logika is undoubtedly one of our products that we are most fond of.
Born as a weekly (The Logika Week) it then settled on a monthly periodicity… to give solvers time to solve the many, many puzzles proposed, of the most diverse types.
It has had illustrious collaborators, first of all Furio Honsell with his inspired column The Breath of Mathematics and Kangourou, with his problems that help so much to spread mathematics.
A long journey that has given us a lot of satisfaction, a unique editorial product of its kind.

Now the adventure is over for us, but the publisher will conntinue to publish it, using also some of the stuff we produced in the past.

Logika is the magazine created by studiogiochi for Sudoku s.r.l.
48 pages to train your brain with the best logical puzzles!
For the same publisher studiogiochi realized also Grandi SudokuKriss KrossMai QuattroMese Sudoku, 1,2,3… Sudoku, Settimana SudokuSudoku & Cruciverba, Sudoku Varianti.

Some pages as an example:

Logika16 p8.jpg

Logika16 p10.jpg

Logika16 p12.jpg

Logika16 p16.jpg

Logika16 p22.jpg

Logika16 p24.jpg