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Cruciverba e Passatempi


Cruciverba e Passatempi

Cruciverba e Passatempi has been a really innovating magazine, in spite of its low economical means.

Do you think that the show up of Sudoku in Italy happened just in 2005? Wrong! The Sudoku arrived in our country a long, long time ago…
You don’t believe us? Well, check out the December  1982 number of Cruciverba e Passatempi, a magazine full of innovating ideas, that unfortunately hasn’t been very lucky.

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At page 33 there is a puzzle “Ogni numero al suo posto”,  next to the original american name “Number place” given by its creators (Dell). And Number placearrived in Japan (and was then called Sudoku) just in 1984! But that’s not all! In the same magazine there was also the Kakuro, at that time called Crucisomme. Amazing!

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We contributed to the realization of the magazine even before the foundation of studiogiochi, through Multigiococlub, the fantastic society, which can be considered the root of all our ludic activities.