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Partworks are collectible series, containing both a magazine and objects (figurines, collectibles or models to assemble). They offer consumers an opportunity to build up a full collection on a given theme, step by step, by buying one installment after another on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Partworks are marketed as periodicals, distributed in community-based points of sale (newspaper and magazine stands) and through subscription. These collectible magazines, which often include objects or components, are tailored to different markets and available in many countries all around the world. They target both amateurs and connoisseurs alike, and have already attracted millions of collectors across the world with titles such as Titanic, Build the Bismarck, A Century of Cars, The Universe, The Art of Knitting, Apprendre et connaître l’Astrologie, The Art of Crochet and Montres de gousset, to name just a few. Build The Titanic was, for instance, published in almost all of the countries in which the Group distributes partworks. Hachette Collections covers all the classic themes, from children’s interest to arts and crafts, fine arts, cars, models and more.