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Passionate game inventor since my childhood, I rediscover the world of games as an adult in 2007 through  Ludicamente of the city of Mantua, where I fall in love with the game Carcassonne. After a few months my girlfriend askes me to create a game and one night she makes me find the first pieces of cards cut out for one of my creations. Starting from that moment I never to write rules and creater new games, most of them still in the drawer, and after 2008 my participations to the Premio Archimedes, my acquaintance with studiogiochi and IDEAG put me in touch with the world of “professional” gamers. However, as I think this counts for most of the game authors, first of all I am a player and I hope to stay that for a long time.

GAMES (with studiogiochi)

  • Castles (2012) with
    Harald Bilz, Marco Pozzi,