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Ennio Peres

A giant of games in Italy, who’s passed on July 17, 2022.

Born in 1945, he was a mathematician, born in Milan, Roman by adoption. He was involved in games, in particular mathematical games, “matemagic” and word games. To describe what he was doing, he coined the definition of “giocologo” (game expert).

A great popularizer and passionate lecturer, he edited columns in numerous newspapers, wrote many books and was the author of games for television and radio programs.
As a puzzle enthusiast, he loves especially anagrams and suggests every year a contest called Il cruciverba più difficile del mondo (The most difficult crosswordpuzzle in the world).

The friendship with studiogiochi has lasted more than forty years: not only has he created some board games for us, but we have collaborated on various initiatives, for the common passion and for the pleasure of being together.

Dear Friend, For 40 years it has been a pleasure and an honor to play with you, discuss games with you and create new ones!
Your footprint will remain, for all of us you will always be not ONE, but THE GIOCOLOGO.

Sai dov'è? - Dal Negro, 1989
Colors (Dal Negro, 1989)

Questi sono i due giochi del 1989, pubblicati dalla Dal Negro, che hanno segnato l’inizio della collaborazione tra Ennio Peres e studiogiochi. Sai dov’è? è l’originale incrocio tra il Memory e i giochi di parole che si è poi evoluto nel celebre Verba Volant.
Colors è un simpatico gioco di Nim pubblicato con lo stesso tavoliere di Sai dov’è?

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