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In spite of his italian name, Bruno Faidutti is french. He was born in 1961, studied law, economy and graduated in history (with a thesis about the existence of the Unicorn from the Middle Ages to the XIX Century!). For a certain period of his life he has been an activist of the social party, but then he left the political career in order to dedicate himself to games. He loves playing any kind of role-playing game.
His first game was Baston, a complex simulation game, afterwards he published Knightmare Chess, a nice card game to be used playing chess and then Valle dei Mammut. His most famous game is Ohne Furcht und Adel, wich in 2000 recieved a nomination for the Spiel des Jahres (together with Carolus Magnus and the winner Torres). After this occasion and his encounter with Leo Colovini the two authors signed together Vabanque.
He set up and constantly updates his “ideal games library”.


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