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“I have always been very passionate about boardgames. The desire to try to create one by myself – this might seem strange – after my law degree: I liked the concept of having “rules” (which is the base of every game) in a ludic and creative way, leaving behind coldness and rigor of the legal texts.
After the first not too succesfull attempts, in 1994 finally I created the first game.
Internet has been a great help to me at that time, because I discovered a world that I never imagined being so interesting and vast.
In 2000 I participated for the first time to the Premio Archimede. The experience wasn’t too encouraging (the game didn’t even pass the first selection), but then, in the next editions the results got better. In 2006, in particular, I was awarded the Izzo Prize in the 2010 edition and I achieved my best result (5th place) with a game currently being published.”

Antonio Scrittore with one of his creations

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