Players: 2

Duration: 5 min

Age: 8+

First edition:


The game is made by two series of 11 cards (two different background colours). Each cards contains 10 objects and each object appears only in two cards for a series. This means that each card has just one element in common with an other card of the same series. The two series have the same objects, although placed in a different way. There are also cardboard coins to be used during the game.
The players play fast and at the same time. Each player turns one of his cards (gradually he will turn all of them) and when he finds two figures in common for two adjacent cards he can place a Vizubi coin on top of it. The player that places the 18th coin says Vizubino! and wins the hand (after verifying that the coins are in the right place, because if not, the other player wins!).
The player that won the hand takes the Vizubi card indicating the winner of the previous hand. The next hand begins after players exchange their cards.
The player winning two hands in a row wins the game.

Vizoobino cards.jpg
Some cards of the game

List of editions
  • 2014, Vizoobino
    (Inglese) (first edition)