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Titus Tentakel


Titus Tentakel

Players: 2-4

Duration: 15 min

Age: 4+

First edition:


The game is a nice structure in 3D. The tentacles of this octopus are dangerous and extensible. No need for batteries, the rules are simple and fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

On a remote island there is a fantastic pot of gold. But the treasure is guarded by a giant octopus. So the pirates sail carefully around Titus the Octopus with long tentacles. If Titus discovers them, he lengthens rapidly his tentacles and causes damage to the pirate ships! Only the lucky ones manage to get to the treasure on the island.

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The game at the Spielwarenmesse 2015

List of editions
  • 2015, Titus Tentakel
    (Tedesco) (prima edizione)
  • 2015, Attenti al tentacolo
  • 2015, Titus Tentakules
  • 2015, Titus Tentakel