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The Venice Connection


The Venice Connection

Players: 2

Duration: 20

Age: 8+

First edition:



  • Spiel des Jahres 1996

    “Das Schöne Spiel”

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The Venice Connection is composed by 16 square tiles; on one side of a tile a straight “Venetian canal” connects 2 apposite borders; on the other side a bent “Venetian canal” connects 2 adjacent borders. The goal is to enter tiles on the table in a way that the canal describe a single closed circuit. The player who enters the last tile, the one that closes the circuit, is the winner. If, after an opponent has made a move, the other player believes that a valid circuit has become impossible to realize with the remaning tiles, he calls out “Fatal Mistake!”. The opponent continues then alone. He wins if he is able to complete a valid circuit; if not he loses.

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A completed game

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