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This is how it went. My previous book about poker, “Il grande libro del poker” (2007), has become a best seller (100.000 copies in its various editions).
The idea of a new book comes from the concept that today the world of poker has changed very much. Just think about the coming of the online poker tables in Italy, first as tournaments, then as cash games: when it begun there weren’t even specific rules about it. Today there are more than 2 milions accounts and billions of hands have been played. And of course the average level of players has become much better. There are many poker players enough good so that my advices from the previous book aren’t useful anymore. And there is also a lot of hyper-technical american literature (often translated in Italian very badly) that is only good for very skilled players.
So, here it is, my new book, that comes from the first one, but goes beyond it.
I started again from zero. The beginner will still find anything he needs in a clear and simple way, with many examples. But then I will guide him through much more complicated playing techniques. And to help him getting into a champion’s mind, to make him understand how a champion thinks, I wrote about hands really played by the best poker players, often including their personal comments about it. The idea is to give the readers a taste of the «thinking process» of a champion.
With this new work I wish to make an expert out from a beginner, able to choose his opponents and win against them.
I tryed to offer a complete training, touching all the main issues about today’s poker, from the range individuation to body language, from multilivel thinking to the tournaments protocol. I put particular attention in the fun (at least for me) mathematical aspects of the game, things that a good player must know, from the implied odds to the Independent Chip Model, from the combinatorics to the expected value. If the reader has a great interest in this game and prooves his talent moving on, great! I’ll consider it a success. At that point he will be able to become a semi-professionist, studying more specific aspects on other books.
In this book I also wrote about cultural aspects around the world of poker, in that way some parts of the books are enjoyable also for readers that won’t play poker.

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