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Players: 3-8

Duration: 30-45 min

Age: 9+

First edition:


The hourglass started. The game begins! Where is the clown with the green hair, a wry smile and the red cap? Did you found him? A player gets a card with an image on it and tries to describe it to his teammate, but there are many similar images on the table and the task is not easy. The goal is to “catch” the right image (“Schnapp’s”) before the other players.
The “handicaps” complicate things, but also make the game much more fun: you may have to describe the image with your fingers between your teeth, or jumping, or while another player talks at random at the same time…


Schnapps - The game.jpg
The game


Schnapp’s a Essen – Spiel ’11

List of editions
  • 2011, Schnapp's
    (Tedesco) (prima edizione)
  • 2012, Schnapp's