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Reazione a catena


Reazione a catena

Numero di giocatori: 4-8

Durata: 45 min

Età: 8+

Prima edizione:


The official game of the famous italian tv show reazione a catena (chain reaction), developed for Ravensburger by studiogiochi, that has fully adapted the mechanism to suit a board game for 4 or more players, in two different teams.

Test your knowledge of italian in funny “mental exercizes” that will thrill everybody!

The match is divided into 6 games, all of them simulating the corresponding game of the tv show.

  • Hunt the word
  • The music chain
  • When, where, how and why
  • Once one pops one can’t stop
  • The winning understanding
  • Chain reaction

Who will be able to solve the final challenge and win the highest prize?

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Elenco edizioni
  • 2019, Reazione a catena
    (Italiano) (prima edizione)