Players: 3-6

Duration: 30 min

Age: 8+

First edition:


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Everyone is an artist! In Picassimo, the markers will be cheerfully brandished and true masterworks created by exchanging individual sections. But wait a minute! Is that supposed to be a goblin? Or rather a chicken? The player who can draw well and also keep one step ahead by guessing correctly, collects the most points and wins the game!

1. All the players draw at the same time. Each player secretly chooses a term from their card and draws it on their erasable drawing board.
2. Is everyone ready? Then a transformation card is turned up. It will show which sections of each artwork are to be exchanged.
3. Picassimo! Who can recognize what the other players have drawn?


The game.jpg

The game

List of editions
  • 2016, Picassimo
    (Inglese, Tedesco) (prima edizione)
  • 2016, Picassimo
    (Olandese, Francese)