Ketch up


Ketch up

Players: 3-5

Duration: 20

Age: 6+

First edition:


New edition of the game Dummy, completed revised both on the packaging and on the graphic art.  The deck is formed by cards inlcuding only five numerals between 3s and  7s.; on the table players form rows of the same cards. When a row has as many cards as its value (3 cards for the row of 3s; 4 cards the row of a4s, and so on) it is  complete. The player who completed it collect all the cards of the rows. This game is fast, sparkling and really simple, studied for children but able to involve also “elder players”.

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ketchup carte1.JPG
List of editions
  • 2003, Ketch up
    (Tedesco, Inglese, Francese, Italiano) (first edition)