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Jagd der Vampire


Jagd der Vampire

Players: 2/6

Duration: 45

Age: 10+

First edition:



  • Deutscher Spiele Preis 1991

    4° Classificato

  • Games Magazine 2005

    Gioco per famiglie


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For young vampires the elixir of life isn’t blood, but ketchup! The old Vampire Chief is quite disappointed, so he decides to hide the big Tomato, neverending source of Ketchup, in one of the gruesome towers of his castle. But young vampires rise and decide to attack the castle, trying to take possession of the Big Tomato, the symbol of modern age: the one who will be able to take possession of it will be the new Great Vampire. But you have to pay attention: where there’s the Great Tomato, vampires like to bite!

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A detail of the board

Alex Randolph talks about the game

German TV commercial

List of editions