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Il grande libro del calcolo veloce e mentale (Mondadori)


Il grande libro del calcolo veloce e mentale (Mondadori)


pp. 490 Foreword by Furio Honsell. With a contribution from the World Memory Champion Andrea Muzii.

A unique and ingenious volume, a journey full of tricks and surprises to discover fast calculation, a true manual of mental enhancement.
Organized into thematic chapters, which first deal with the four fundamental operations and then delve into fractions, exponents and roots, as well as conversions and prime numbers, the book offers all the tricks to speed up the mental calculation. All accompanied by fun tests and games, which complete the path towards results of the highest level and competition performance.
Clear, colorful, immediate, this book allows everyone – from 10 year olds to the most experienced – to try their hand at fractions, exponents, roots, conversions, tests and much more and to juggle even better with the calculation thanks to the mnemonic techniques explained by the phenomenal Andrea Muzii, World Memory Champion, author of the chapter dedicated to the topic.

Everything you ever wanted to know about multiplication, division, calculations of all kinds and many other nice amenities… that you couldn’t even imagine.

“Mental calculation can be interpreted as a game and – believe me – it is a funnier game than you might think, based not so much on the repetitive and boring application of a procedure, but on the ability to tailor the best way to do it each time, a way able to lead us to the solution without too much effort. It follows that exercizing a little bit with mental calculation is in fact a very valid training for our brain, it helps us to think better.
The repercussions are therefore also positive in real life, not so much because at the checkout we will be faster than the calculator to do the sums, but because our ability to make decisions will be refined, even under stressful circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to become a champion, just a little practice and the rust will fall off the mental gears.”

Dario De Toffoli

“This book is a manual of civil resistance. A survival manual in the irrational derivation of the post-modern and digital world, which on the one hand educates their children to delegate notions and calculations to cell phones and calculators and convinces adults to entrust their sefety to autonomous systems, on the other hand – in economics, politics and since the infection began – it confuses us with a “pandemic” above all data, numbers and percentages until we almost drown.”

Furio Honsell

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  • 2022, Il grande libro del calcolo veloce e mentale
    (Italiano) (first edition)