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Il grande libro del Blackjack


Il grande libro del Blackjack


If you think that success in casino games dipends only from luck and fortune, this book is not made for you. But if you think that in order to win you need a good strategy, you really can’t miss it. The green table is the most democratic place to play,  because the differences of conditions between you and the table are smaller, therefore there is more chances to win. You just need to know how.  In a simple and ironic way, the “king of games” Dario De Toffoli guides us through rules, secrets, tactics and advices for beginners as well as for experts. Get ready to explore the world of Blackjack, that is for the first time  “taken apart” and analyzed in all its mathematical elements, to let you play in a concious and winning way. But that’s not all: you’ll find out truth and lies about Roulette, statistics and strategies for Craps (this is the name for the dice game once you enter a casino…), advices to win at Baccarà and at Trente et Quarante. You may be in front of a real croupier or in front of a computer, but it’s time to let the talismans and lucky charms go, in order to understand that success dipends mostly from you. Because to play is a lot of fun, but to win is even better. So, what are you waiting for? Play your game, don’t let it play on you….

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