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Il Gioco di Carletto


Il Gioco di Carletto

Players: 2-5

Duration: 20 min

Age: 7+

First edition:



Carletto, the iconic chameleon who loves Sofficini Findus, celebrates his 25th birthday with a beautiful board game by Leo Colovini, developed and produced by studiogiochi.

The theme of the game is Carletto’s party: the city is in a big party to celebrate his birthday and retrace his most iconic disguises for the occasion.

Players will have to guide him to the party square, eating all kinds of Sofficini, but being careful not to run out of stock!
Carletto will make it to the party if all players work together to make him celebrate his 25th birthday! This is in fact a co-operative game, where everyone wins or everyone loses.
The game is distributed by Findus to its customers through a contest.

The game

List of editions
  • 2023,
    (Italiano) (first edition)