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Het Huis Anubis


Het Huis Anubis

Players: 2-4

Age: 8+

First edition:



The collection is composed by 108 cards, 15 mistery cards, and 93 adventure cards in 5 kinds: 18 rooms, 18 potions, 18 gadgets, 18 curses, 21 characters.
You don’t need the whole collection for playing, and you can use more copies of the same card. We suggest to play with around 100 cards, but the game is playable with any number of cards higher than 50. The more are the cards, the longer is the game.
Balancing: you don’t need a specific number of cards of the different kinds, but the game is better balanced if you have more or less the same quantity of the cards of the 6 kinds.




List of editions
  • 2011, Het huis Anubis
    (Olandese) (first edition)