Players: 2-8

Duration: 15-20 min

Age: 8+

First edition:



At the beginning of each round take one of the 5 Location cards and place it in the middle of the table.
After doing this, the youngest player loudly says START!; then all players take their cards in hand and start playing.
This is a speed game with no turns, meaning that all players play simultaneously trying to lay down as many cards as they can, following these criteria:
– Each card must be played on top of each other, so forming a deck which is common to all the players of both teams.
– If you want to play a card, the main object in the middle of the card you are going to play, should  match one of the small objects depicted at the top or bottom of the topmost card of the common deck. If you play a wrong card it won’t be counted at the end of the round.
– More precisely, all the cards depict a main object (in the middle) and some smaller objects on top and on bottom; these smaller objects represent which cards can be played on top of that card.
– Again, there is no turn, in order to play you don’t need to wait for others players or the other team, you can even play more than one card in a row… if you are fast enough.

List of editions
  • 2011, Grisbi
    (Inglese) (first edition)