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Giochiamo a Burraco


Giochiamo a Burraco

Available in its only e-book version in the Sperling Tips collection

Since years in Italy the Burraco-mania has spread all over the country. Slowly and quietly, this card game – beloved by players of all ages – has become more and more popular, played by common people at house, by movie stars, by politicians, by the high society members. But then, if anybody wishes to challange himself, there are the tournaments. Why this success? The Burraco card game has few rules to remember, but to be played it needs concentration and strategy; usually you play in couples and this means a lot of fun arguing about what could be the best move. A smart game, where one can fight and accuse the opponent couple to have just a huge amount of luck! But those few rules have to be learned (together with a little bit of strategy) and so here it is: a digital guide to learn how to play at this game. After a short introduction about history and origins, the rules of the game, the points and the tournament modality. Concrete examples will help readers to discover techniques and tactics to use in order to win, because luck certainly counts, but it is also very important to have good skills and have a certain complicity with the team fellow.

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