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Fantasmi (new edition)


Fantasmi (new edition)

Players: 2

Duration: 10-20 min

Age: 8+

First edition:


Good and bad ghosts ar living in an old castle’s cellars. Each player owns eight of them: four good ghosts (with a little blue sign on the back) and four bad ones (with a little red sign on the back), but these can’t be destroyed by the opponent.

To win one has to get rid of his own bad ghosts or eliminate the opponent’s good ghosts or get one of his own good ghosts out of the cellar.

The new edition of a classic game by the great Alex Randolph.

Alex Randolph (1922-2004) was one of the most important game authors in the world. Even more, he is considered the one who invented the profession of “game author”.

Luckily for us, he lived for aproximately 30 years in Venice, where we had the pleasure to spend time together and be good friends. In his creations, distributed worldwide, he always put also a little bit of poetry.


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List of editions
  • 2012, Fantasmi (new edition)
    (Italiano) (first edition)
  • 2012, Geister Gaisuta