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Der Schatz von Castellina


Der Schatz von Castellina

Players: 2-4

Duration: 15 min

Age: 5+

First edition:


Look, on the hill! A great old castle that’s surely filled with treasure and who knows what else? Let’s go exploring to see what we’ll find…

In Der Schatz von Castellina, the players need to search inside the castle to collect the color-coded treasure marked on their individual treasure boards – but they can’t look inside the castle while they search. (Apparently no one thought to bring a torch!) They reach a hand inside the castle to feel among the treasures before them and (with luck) pull out something that they need. The players aren’t completely in the dark, though, as they do get to watch other players search for their treasures. If you pay attention, you’ll know where your goods are hiding when it comes time to grab the goods!

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