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Buon compleanno!


Buon compleanno!

Players: 2-8

Duration: 20

Age: 5+

First edition:


A joyful and fast card game for children (from 2 to 8!) realized especially for the shops Città del Sole, that used to give it as a present for the little customers for their birthday.
All the animals must attend the most correct birthday party: in the wood, at the farm, at home or inside the pond. But at the entrance they find a special command, so players must be really skilfull to try to get rid of all their cards, sending all the animals to the correct birthady party. The game mechanism is quite free and players will decide how many cards to play at each turn; they can even not play any card, but pick  up a new one. The game was produced also by Piatnik with the name of Happy Birthday; the packaging is different but there are the same funny illustrations by Fabio Visintin.
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