Players: 2-5

Duration: 50

Age: 10+

First edition:



  • Spiel des Jahres 2007

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  • Spiel der Spiele 2007

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  • Games Magazine 2008

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  • Japan Boardgame Prize 2007

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The Contest of the Alchemists! The most talented Adepts of the mystical arts come together from everywhere to compete. They fill their cauldrons with exotic and rare ingredients, all creating new potions in the quest for fame and honour. In addition to demonstrate their talents by replicating their fellow competitors’ positions, each has a secret agenda: to promote the use of the component their school of magic prizes most highly! The person who brings the most fame to his or her school – and for themselves – will win the title of Supreme Adept!

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List of editions
  • 2007, Alchemist
    (Tedesco) (first edition)
  • 2007, Alchemist