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Adventure cards


Adventure cards

Numero di giocatori: 2-5

Durata: 10

Età: 7+

Prima edizione:


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A card Game availble in 3 different versions:

Detective – solve six dreadful murder cases
Explorer – discover teh galaxy aboard your spaceship
Heroes – fabulous treasures guarded by the mightiest creatures.

These items are quite different from the traditional quartett card games: players do not collect cards of a particolar adventure, but it is the composition of the group that changes from game to game. There is also an unusual memory component. 

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 The threee settings
carte Detective.jpgcarte explorer.jpgcarte Heroes.jpg
Some cards for Detective
Some cards for Explorer
Some cards for Heroes
Elenco edizioni
  • 1998, Adventure Cards
    (Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Tedesco) (prima edizione)