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Ok, we had the idea and it seemed good!
It has been tried, developed and we also did a lot of playtesting with all the polishing that solves many problems.
Now the final prototype is ready, with the written english rulebook and many pictures.
And now what?

Now it’s time to show our project to the publishers that we think will appreciate it the most.
With many of them we are friends and there’s always the chance to show our stuff: we can go directly there or they can come too, or maybe we can just ship the game the moment we understand they are interested to it.

But during the year there are two moments that we cannot miss, the Nurnberg’s Spielwarenmesse at the beginning of February and the Essen’s Spiel at the end of October. It’s really crowdy there, editors are super-busy, but we can almost breathe games, we meet others, we share opinions, we look at trends, we get to know new people entering the business.
So, Nurnberg and Essen are still today musts!