Thanks to its long lasting experience in the field of game publications with Venice Connection (currently property of Giochi Uniti), studiogiochi offers to publishers a complete service (both national and international) for the production of a boardgame: from the graphics to the rules in different languages, the packaging, and the entire “know how” starting from the budget to the production.

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The boardgame by Günter Burkhardt published by Piatnik. studiogiochi collaborated for its developement, the rules, the setting, the title and the graphics.

In the ancient Maya city of Palenque, an enigmatic tombstone has been the focus of heated debate and speculation ever since it was discovered. Does it really depict an astronaut in a spaceship? Is it true that inhabitants of an alien planet built the Maya pyramids?
Pacal’s Rocket will take you to a mystical world in which your spaceship will enable you to construct pyramids in the city once ruled by Pacal the Great (603-683 AD). Whoever develops the shrewdest plan and the cleverest strategy should gain control of the largest area of the city.


Venice Connection published the Italian version of many of “our” games, and also some international games as Passa la bomba (Piatnik) and Carcassonne (Hans im Glück).

Cartagena04_Cartagena_VeniceConnection_Eng.JPG Cartagena04_Cartagena_VeniceConnection_nuova_It.JPG cartagena10_CartagenaII_VeniceConnection_It.JPG Alexandros - cover - venice connection.jpg Aiutino cover.jpg
worm-up - cover.jpg vermi-cover.jpg xe queo - cover.jpg Meridian venice connection rio grande piatnik cover.jpg verba volant - cover.jpg
inkognito - cover rio grande - venice connection - winning moves.jpg mini.jpg Passa la bomba.jpg Magna grecia - cover - venice connection - clementoni.jpg verba volant international.jpg
IlCognomeDellaRosa_box.jpg Venice Connection - cover - Venice Connection.jpg Theseus.jpg Clans - cover - venice connection.jpg Carolus Magnus - cover - venice connection.jpg
Vello bee...llo venice copertina.jpg Abaco zuzzurellone - cover - venice connection.jpg inferno.jpg carcassonne base.jpg Carcassonne - cover - venice connection.jpg
Buffalo.jpg Adv Cards Heroes.jpg Carcassonne - Commercianti e costruttori.jpg Carcassonne - La principessa e il Drago.jpg Carcassonne - Locande e Cattedrali.jpg
Adv Cards Detective.jpg Adv Cards Explorer.jpg Toscana piatnik venice connection rio grande copertina.jpg plagio.jpg Carcassonne - La torre.jpg


Promotional memory game with the cultural beauties of the italian region Sardegna, realized for the publisher Whitelight.

The cards are laid face down on the table. The player in turn reveals two cards of his choice: if they are identical, he keeps them and carries on playing; if they are different he replaces them face down and passes the turn. When all the pairs have been collected, the player with the most of them is the winner.

Some of the playing cards:



Dernier is a traditional cardgame that gave inspiration to many other commercial successful products. Here its original version, reinterpreted in its graphics, in order to make any action easy to remember, but faithful to its spirit. The rules have been rebalanced in order to give to the players as much amusement as possible. The card deck is made so that any other traditional card game can be played.

This edition has been realized by studiogiochi and distributed in Italy by Juego.



Studiogiochi worked with this new publisher taking care of the first project of boardgames production: Mentabile, Non c’è 2… senza 3! (license by studiogiochi) and Verba volant (license by studiogiochi).

The three games:

A game created for the exhibition “Concreta utopia – Lelio Basso e il progetto di una democrazia globale” at the Casanatense library in Rome.
The game consisted in setting up the ideal party, choosing among the various organizational forms of the base, the summits and leadership.
The results are often comical: intellectual left party corresponded to the extreme right organizations and those of the Conservative party are related to trade union movements.

“Here then, at the end, a game about “what party are you from?” Indeed, just make your own ideal party, and we’ll tell you what it is. Visitors tempted from the game, pay attention! The writer of this text, in his eagerness to promote the self-organization and ensure the basic control, ended up among the Cobas milk group!”

GUGLIELMO RAGOZZINO, Il Manifesto – 21/11/03